$300, $450, $600

Microcurrent therapy is the fastest way to recover after surgery!

Microcurrent reduces post-operative swelling, pain, scarring and stiffness, promoting healthy healing and circulation. By reducing pain and inflammation and speeding your body’s ability to heal (through increased ATP production) by using the same electric frequencies our own nervous system uses to communicate with damaged/diseased areas.

Microcurrent is also recommended BEFORE surgery. By receiving this therapy prior to surgery, your tissues will be healthier and less inflamed, and as such will tolerate suturing much better.

Session Packages

50 Minute Treatment: $300

80 Minute Treatment: $450

110 Minute Treatment: $600

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Helps optimize your surgical results! This therapy guarantees to cut your recovery time in half, at the very least!  It is used by professional athletes.

Follow Up

Every 2 to 7 days depending on how quickly you want to recover.