Microcurrent Facial: Facial for any skin type, improves any skin condition, stimulates collagen, elastin and ATP production. It lifts and reshapes the muscles, detoxifies the lymph, balances the brain and gives several hours of relaxation  $200/60min

Organ Detox: A gentle roller massages your stomach/mid section to stimulate sluggish organs such as; the liver, kidneys, intestines, female organs and adrenals $100/30min

Cellulite Treatment: Helps remove water and fat, reshapes leg and firms muscles. For Partial thighs or Full thighs, stomach, arms. $200/60min

Focus Face Treatments: Just focus on specific areas such as; eye lines, dark circles, puffiness, brown spots, eyebrow muscle, labial fold (laugh lines), lip and upper lips. $200/60min  $100/30min

Focus Body Treatments: Just focus on neck, buttocks, hands, feet, breasts, décolleté, and scars  $200/60min   $100/30min

Focus-Massage: Relieves and stimulates sore muscles in neck, shoulders and low back. It also gives circulation to the adrenals, kidneys and spine. (Unattended) $200/60min  $100/30min

Foot Massage:  Relieves soreness in feet and joints, stimulates circulation.


Hand Treatment: Relieves stiffness and soreness in joints and palms of hand. It also beautifies the skin; smoothes wrinkles and lightens brown spots.

Relaxation Treatments: It relieves stress and relieves pain in 20 to 40 minutes and relaxes muscles. It is also beneficial for relieving symptoms of PMS and menopause. (Included with every Ultimate Facial)  $100/30min

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment: Improve lymphatic fluid flow, promote detoxification, emotional balance and increase energy by stimulating lymph nodes in targeted areas  $200/60min

Packages available at the center for discounts!