We specialize in anti-aging, skin care & health ​using the best computer system in microcurrent technology, the Biotic Wave machine. Microcurrent is a very natural and safe thing to do. It runs on the same electrical current as our own body.  As we age our electrical current gets weaker and our muscles start to elongate. Microcurrent helps shorting back the muscle fibers and gives your body the natural electrical current that it loses over time... Your body takes this energy as its own, healing you on a cellular level; making it the most natural and safest way to regain a youthful look from the inside out without surgery, fillers or invasive procedures that can make you lose touch with how you really look.

To provide the healthiest anti-aging services available in the world today.  

"I want is to give you access to heal yourself from the inside out using the latest technology in energy medicine".

Microcurrent has evolved in great ways, we can use it for so many things successfully. It can get the bone to heal, it takes away pain, improves blood flow, balances the nervous system, reduces inflammation, removes scar tissue, stimulates cellular activity, facial rejuvenation, it gives you energy and the #1 reason why we use it more today is for cellular rejuvenation.

After just 1 hour chest treatment, lines disappear leaving your skin extremely soft and smooth. (Results after one treatment)

After just 1 eye treatment, saggy eyebrow muscle lifts to its original place. (Results after one treatment)

Before & Afters

My Vision

After 1 hour face massage, skin wrinkles smooth, sagging muscles regain their form,  circulation improves, swelling is decreased. (Results after one treatment, the skin will continue to improve with series of treatments)

After just 15 minutes on each eye, eyes look brand new again. Dark circles disappear, looking rested instantly! (Results after one treatment)

My Mission


"If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible"